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How do you convert Bitcoins to dollars in Perfect Money?

In order to convert bitcoins to Perfect Money dollars, you need to perform just simple steps on our website platform:

Step#01 Visit our official website

Step#02 At the top, you will find “Sell Bitcoin Now” button, click on it

Step#03 Select the amount of bitcoin you want to convert

Step#04 Select “Perfect Money” as a method to be get paid

Step#05 Enter your “Perfect Money ID”

Step#06 Click on the “Order Now” button

Step#07 You will see a receipt of your order, generated by our automatic system

Step#08 Carefully check your receipt before confirming your order

After few minutes of processing, you will get your Perfect Money dollars (USD) in your perfect money account.


Can you transfer Bitcoin to real money?

Yes, you can transfer bitcoin to your real money (fiat currency). In order to do so, you need to perform few steps on our trusted and secure system.

Bitcoins withdrawals in cash (real money):

→ Go to https://www.bitcoinscashout.com

→ Choose the amount of bitcoin you want to transfer.

→ Select the payment method of “Bank Wire” to get your bitcoins into your local currency.

→ Confirm your order after reviewing the generated receipt by our system.


Can I buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money?

Perfect Money system is offering unique features for both Personal and Business account holders.

With Perfect Money payment system, you can get the following services:

1) Buy bitcoin, gold, USD, and EUR currencies online.
2) Can make payments for goods and services online.
3) Can transfer money between perfect money members.
4) Receive payments from different e-currency wallets.


How fast can you convert Bitcoin to cash?

You can convert btc into cash within few minutes by using our automatic bitcoin exchange system. While using our platform, you can get your bitcoins in more than 40+ payment methods.
To get your bitcoin into cash, you can click on the “Exchange Now” button, then choose the bitcoins amount and select your payment method as “Bank Wire” in order to get your btc into cash.


How does a paper wallet work?

A paper wallet works in a way that it stores all your bitcoin wallet information on a printed piece of paper. A paper wallet is basically your offline wallet which is a piece of printed paper and it consists of a private key, a public key, and QR codes. Public key acts as your paper wallet address, public key acts as your paper wallet password and QR codes to scan your public and private keys.


Can paper wallet be hacked?

We can not say that it can not be hacked but it reduces the chances to be hacked because it does not store any information online, it stores all the information on a printed piece of paper. It is a method of storing bitcoins offline. That is why paper wallet is known as the safest way to store your bitcoins offline in this digital era, where the chances of hacking any information are quite possible.


Which is the safest Bitcoin wallet?

Best and safest bitcoin wallets of 2021 are:

→ BtcOfficialWallet.org (web platform)

→ Mycelium (mobile app)

→ Trezor (huge cryptocurrency platform)

→ Coinbase (available in both web and mobile app)


Can you transfer Bitcoin to real money?

Yes, you can transfer your bitcoin to real/fiat currency directly to your bank account through bank wire with the help of our official web platform.

Steps to follow:

→ Visit bitcointoperfectmoney.com or click on the “Home” button at the top.
→ Click on the “Exchange Now” button.
→ Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to transfer.
→ Select “Bank Wire” as your payment method.
→ Fill in your bank details.
→ Click on the “order now” button.
→ Click on the “confirm” button after confirming your details.


How do I transfer/send money to my perfect money account?

To send money to any perfect money account within the Perfect Money system, you need to follow these steps:

1) Go to your Perfect Money “Internal Transfer” section.

2) Click on the “Single Payment” option.

3) Choose the account you want to send from.

4) Enter the amount of money you want to send.

5) Declare the recipient’s account to which you want to send money.

6) Add your payment description, which is necessary for tracking your order, and for Perfect Money’s anti-fraud unit.

7) Now click on the “Send Money” button to complete the payment transaction.

8) You can also click on the “Edit” button to go back and make corrections before sending any money.

To check your transaction history, you can visit the “Statement” section.


How can I fund my perfect money wallet?

You can go to the “Deposit” section of your Perfect Money account. In this section, you would see 6 different options of deposit given by Perfect Money including Bank Wire, Cash Deposit, e-Voucher, Certified Partners, Bitcoin, and Credit Exchange. Select the way of deposit and fund your perfect money wallet easily.


How do I delete my perfect money account?

In your Perfect Money Member Area, click on the recycle bin icon at the top right corner. Then click on the "Yes" button to delete your Perfect Money account. After deleting your account, you need to remove the bank connection entirely from the Perfect Money App. To do so, you need to delete the entire “User data”.


Can I get my Perfect Money payment back?

No, you can not get your money back within the perfect money system. All payments made are final and irreversible. You can not claim your payment after a transaction.


How do I get a perfect money account?

→ The first step is to visit the official website of Perfect Money (perfectmoney.is).
→ On the Perfect Money landing page, click on the Signup button.
→ Fill the form with appropriate information.
→ Then click on the “Register” button.
→ By clicking on the register button, PM will send you an email with “Member ID”.
→ Congrats, your PM account is ready to use.
→ Using the Member ID and your given Password, you can now use your Perfect Money account.


Can I transfer Bitcoin to my bank account?

Yes, you can transfer bitcoin to your bank account with the help of our automatic and instant bitcoin to Bank Transfer and SWIFT method. You just need to visit our home page and click on the “Exchange Now” button. Then you can enter the amount in bitcoins you want to transfer. Select the payment method “Bank Transfer” or “SWIFT” and fill out your bank details. After confirming your order you would get your bitcoins to your local bank account.


Is wallet generator safe?

Yes, a wallet generator provides a secure environment to generate a wallet.It provides your wallet a unique private and public key. If you want to be safe 100%, you can generate a wallet while offline. You can also test first by generating a temporary paper wallet and by depositing a few bitcoins to see if you have proper control over your account or not.


Can your Bitcoin wallet be hacked?

Bitcoin paper wallet is a more secure method of storing bitcoins instead of storing bitcoins online. Online storage of bitcoin is risky because there is always a chance that an online wallet can be hacked. But an offline wallet reduces the chance of hacking.


Is perfect money available in Nigeria?

Yes, perfect money is available in Nigeria and Africa. Also, perfect money certified exchangers are available in Nigeria, Ghana, and Africa.


Is perfect money free?

Perfect money has minimized its service fee to ensure that perfect money is a cost-efficient payment system. Perfect money also allows free account creation for both business and personal use.


Which crypto exchange has the lowest fees?

Best crypto exchanges with the lowest fees are:

1) Bitcoinscashout.com → 0% service fee charges.

2) CyberBtc.com → 0.8% + $6 fee charges.

3) Goldux.com → 2.5% + 1.50 USD fee charges.


Does Perfect Money have an app?

Now you can enjoy perfect money services on your Android phone. You can download PM app from your Google Play Store. Although this app would not be fully functional like Perfect Money web app.


How do I make a Bitcoin paper wallet?

You can easily make your own bitcoin paper wallet with these simple steps below:

→ Visit btcofficialwallet.org in your browser.

→ Click on the “Get Bitcoin Cold Storage” tab, and the system will automatically generate your paper wallet.

→ Then click on the “Print & Save” button to save your paper wallet offline.


How do I access my bitcoin paper wallet?

To access your bitcoin paper wallet online, follow the below steps:

1 → Create an account with Coinbase.

2 → Login to your Coinbase Account.

3 → Go to the “Accounts” section.

4 → Then click on the “Receive” button for your offline bitcoin wallet.

5 → Now open your paper wallet and scan your private QR code.


How do I withdraw Bitcoin from paper wallet?

To withdraw bitcoin from the paper wallet, you first need to send bitcoin off the paper wallet to the online wallet. For this purpose, you can use Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet mobile app.

Steps are:

→ Download Mycelium mobile app.

→ After installation, open the app.

→ Touch the “Cold Storage” option.

→ Press “Scan QR Code” at the bottom of the screen to scan your paper wallet private key with your phone camera.

→ After completion of scanning, touch on “Use all funds” button.

→ Then press “Send” button to receive your bitcoin from the paper wallet into your mycelium wallet.

→ After receiving bitcoins in mycelium wallet, now you can withdraw your bitcoin from any payment method.


Are Bitcoin wallets traceable?

Yes, bitcoin wallets can not remain fully anonymous because all the users have to reveal their wallet’s identity in order to receive services or goods. All bitcoin transactions are public, traceable and completely stored in a bitcoin network. So every person can see the balance and transactions of any wallet address at anytime.


Can you transfer Bitcoin from wallet to wallet?

The answer to this simple question is yes, you can transfer bitcoin between two wallets. To transfer bitcoin from one wallet to another, you may need to enter a wallet address or private key or to scan QR code.


How do I cash out from Blockchain?

In order to withdraw cryptocurrency from your blockchain account,
→ Go to your blockchain account’s Total Account Value window

→ Select Withdraw option

→ Then choose the cryptocurrecny from the dropdown menu

→ Log in to your other wallet, in which you want to receive cash and click on the deposit button, you need to copy that deposit address and you have to use it as the withdrawal address on your Blockchain account.

→ Paste your withdrawal address into the “Destination Btc Address” field and enter the amount in btc you want to withdraw.

→ Click on the “Withdraw” button to proceed.


Can you buy and sell Bitcoin instantly?

Yes, you can buy bitcoin instantly with Coinbase.com platform. You can also sell bitcoin instantly with more than 40+ payment methods on Bitcoinscashout.com platform.


Can you transfer crypto from one exchange to another?

You can transfer cryptocurrency from one exchange to another. To transfer crypto, you need to find deposit address of your destination exchange. Once you have it, go to your source exchange’s withdraw section and paste that deposit address of your destination exchange to transfer crypto from the source exchange.


Can I buy Bitcoin without verification?

You can use platforms like LocalBitcoins and Paxful to buy bitcoin in person with cash or through any payment method by dealing with the seller without any process of verification.


Can I use Coinbase without verification?

No, according to the user terms and conditions, Coinbase requires the verification processs from customers in order to use Coinbase services.


Can you hack Bitcoin private key?

It is nearly impossible to hack a bitcoin private key because it is a combination of 64 characters which is equal to 256-bit number. So for a hacker, it is impossible to try such a large combination of numbers and letters.


Can I transfer money from Perfect Money to PayPal?

Yes, you can transfer money from Perfect Money to Paypal with the help of any trusted e-currency exchanger. You have to visit an exchanger’s online platform and choose the direction of exchange from Perfect Money to Paypal. Then after entering the amount and account details, you would get perfect money funds into your Paypal account.


Can I use perfect money to buy Bitcoin?

You can buy bitcoin with perfect money with the help of a trusted and certified exchanger. The other option is to buy bitcoin in person by contacting sellers directly.


How can I withdraw money from payza?

To withdraw money from your Payza account is a two steps process:

1) Click on the “Add Bank Account” button to add your local bank account.

2) Then click on the “Withdraw Funds” button to withdraw your funds from your payza account to your local bank account.


Can you add Bitcoin to Apple wallet?

To add bitcoin to an Apple wallet, you need an exchange service like Coinmama, where you can add bitcoins and then you can transfer them to your Apple wallet.


How to Convert BTC to USD in Perfect Money?

To convert bitcoin to Perfect Money USD, you always need an exchanger to do so. We are as a trusted and certified exchanger provides you the exchange service of btc to usd in perfect money within few minutes with our most efficient automatic system converter. We provide full transparency to our customers who are seeking an exchange or conversion of one currency into another.


How to Convert Bitcoin to Perfect Money?

Visit our official home page.
Click on the “exchange now” button.
Enter the amount of btc you want to convert.
Select payment method as “Perfect Money” to receive perfect money usd.
Click on the “Order Now” button to complete this transaction.


How to Transfer Money from Perfect Money to Bank Account?

The transfer of funds from your perfect money account to your bank account can be processed by means of “Bank Wire” from the “Withdraw” section of your perfect money account. Upon completion of all required fields and approval of the forms, your transfer will be processed and you will receive funds directly to your bank account.


How do I deposit Bitcoins on perfect money?

To deposit bitcoins on perfect money, you need to:

→ Create a perfect money “B” wallet first. You can create it from the deposit section of your pm account in case you haven’t created it yet.

→ Using this B wallet or Bitcoin wallet, you can deposit bitcoins into your perfect money account very easily.


Does Perfect Money accept Bitcoin?

Perfect Money allows its customer to send, receive, and store bitcoin funds securely. Perfect Money provides a secure platform that can perform transactions in bitcoin. You can deposit and withdraw bitcoin from your PM account through various payment methods including bank wire and certified exchangers. Perfect Money offers direct withdrawals of bitcoin from a PM Business account to your bitcoin account/wallet.


How can I convert Perfect money to cash?

You can convert perfect money to cash with the help of any certified exchanger platform of perfect money or you can directly contact a person and can sell perfect money in person by using platforms like paxful and litecoins.


How long does it take to withdraw from perfect money?

Withdraw from perfect money usually takes 24 hours but in the case of withdrawal to your bank account, it can take up to 3 to 5 business days. Moreover, a perfect money’s certified exchanger sends money within 24 hours after the withdrawal request.


How do I withdraw money from Perfect Money?

To withdraw money from your perfect money account, you need to follow the steps are:

→ Log in to your PM account.

→ Click on the “withdraw” button from the horizontal list.

→ You will see seven different withdrawal options offered by perfect money.

→ You can select any option according to your need and can withdraw money from your perfect money personal or business account.


Is Perfect Money legal in US?

No, perfect money is strictly prohibited for US citizens and USA permanent residents. If any US citizen would try to create perfect money account, perfect money reserves the full authority to block the account registration.


Is Perfect Money Safe?

Perfect Money is a safe financial system. Perfect Money is safe in the sense that it does not allow users to log in without the confirmation through pin code transferred to the user’s email address.


How to send bitcoin to perfect money?

To send bitcoin to perfect money B account, go to your PM account’s deposit section, click on the “Bitcoin” way of deposit, choose your “B” account to which you want to make deposit, then enter the amount. After successful submission of your application, you have to send the amount exactly as specified at the account address generated by perfect money system.


How do I pay with Perfect Money?

Perfect Money allows you to make online payments for goods and services. If you are using a platform that supports PM as a payment option, then you can follow the following steps to make payment with perfect money:

1) After adding product or service to the cart, click on the Perfect Money option as a payment method.

2) Vendor’s website will redirect you to the PM platform after confirming your order and payment method.

3) Click on the “Make Payment” button from the Perfect Money website.

4) Log in to PM account to make the payment.

5) After reviewing your payment details, click on the “Confirm Payment” button to pay with Perfect Money.

These were the simple steps by which you can easily pay for your goods and services with perfect money advance payment system.