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How to Transfer Bitcoin from Blockchain to Paypal Account

To transfer bitcoin from blockchain, first you need to create a wallet with
After creating your wallet successfully, you need to follow these steps below to transfer your bitcoins from blockchain wallet to your Paypal account:

  • Logging in to your e-wallet with your “Wallet ID” and “Password”.
  • Click on the send button and then select the “Bitcoin” option from the currency dropdown menu.
  • If you have multiple sub-wallets, then choose the one you want to send bitcoins from. You can choose your sub-wallet from the drop-down menu.
  • Paste the recipient’s receiving address of paypal account or scan the recipient’s unique Paypal QR code in the “To” field.
  • Enter the amount you want to send to the paypal account.
  • Then you can add an optional description for your transaction, only you can see it.
  • From the Transaction Fee drop-down menu section, choose Regular or Priority fee. ( you can check the difference between Regular and Priority fee from the blockchain portal ).
  • Now if you are ready to send your bitcoins to the paypal account, click on the continue button to review your transaction details. Check all your given details for confirmation.
  • Then click on the “send” button to send your funds to your paypal account.

  • To monitor your any transaction of incoming and outgoing bitcoins, click on the Bitcoin tab in your wallet. Your “Home Screen” will display your more recent transaction history. You can always see your account balance at the top of the wallet and dashboard.


    Sell Bitcoin instantly with 40+ Payment Methods:

    BitcoinToPerfectMoney is our authentic and automatic system of online currency exchange. With our automatic system you can sell bitcoins instantly with 40+ payment methods. Our system provides the facility to sell your btc without any fee. There are 40+ payment methods with that you can sell your bitcoins very easily and instantly. You can sell your bitcoins through bank wire, paypal, western union, perfect money, payza, payoneer, okpay, webmoney, skrill, nettler, dash, money gram, credit card, US bank, googlepay, direct bank deposit and many more options. You can get your cash in US dollars by selling your bitcoins with our system without paying any charges. You can easily convert your btc to USD with our automated conversion tool.
    Now you can convert even a very small amount of btc to USD with our system. Our platform is very user friendly and it provides an ease to our customers to move their funds securely and instantly.

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    You can exchange bitcoins to perfect money instantly with our automatic system. There is no fee on any exchange. You can get your bitcoins with more than 50+ payment methods by using our web platform. On our official website, you will know how to buy bitcoins, how to sell bitcoins, how to exchange cryptocurrency, best exchangers, buytc price, buytc reviews, different payment methods, blockchain concept, reviews, price, transfer bitcoins to bank account, wire transfer, how to convert bitcoin to perfect money usd and much more.


    Withdraw Bitcoin to Bank Account:

    Now you can withdraw your bitcoins to your bank account. All you need to do is to find a service that is willing to accept your bitcoins within minutes and transfer them to your local bank account. We will discuss here some top service providers, with them you can easily get your bitcoins into your bank account.

    1. Bitcoinscashout:

    With bitcoinscashout you can withdraw bitcoins directly to your bank account. It is only 2 steps process. They offer 40+ payment methods in which you can get your bitcoins withdraw instantly.

    2. Coinbase:

    Coinbase is a bitcoin trading platform which allows you to withdraw your bitcoins into your local bank account. They only provide services to those who have their bank accounts in the United States or Europe. Customers from the United States can withdraw bitcoins using an ACH transfer. This process will take 4 to 5 days approximately. To make instant withdrawals, you need to add your Visa debit card or Mastercard.
    If you are from Europe, Coinbase allows you to transfer your funds to your bank account using SEPA.

    3. Coincorner:

    You can withdraw your bitcoins to your bank account with Coincorner, it is now available in 45+ countries. They offer friendly customer support. You can sell and buy bitcoins with GBP and EUR using credit/debit card and bank transfer.

    4. Kraken:

    Kraken is another best platform for you. You can withdraw your Bitcoins with Kraken through international bank transfer or SEPA transfer. It is a very well funded and secure exchange service platform. It offers very low transaction fees.

    5. Bitpanda:

    You can use bitpanda services to withdraw your bitcoins to your bank account. Bitpanda withdrawal methods are online bank transfer, SEPA and SOFORT.

    6. allows an easy way of withdrawing bitcoins to your bank account.
    They also offer debit card withdrawals. In this way you can make a withdrawal of bitcoins at the ATM.


    Buy and Sell Bitcoin with Western Union:

    Western Union does not accept Bitcoins but planning to introduce BTC acceptance in near future. But the question is then how you can sell and buy Bitcoins with Western Union ?
    The answer is very simple that you can use any secure exchange service that is providing the facility of buying and selling bitcoins with Western Union.
    We will take the example of Casherbox is specialized in providing exchange services for different e-currencies and cryptocurrencies.
    With platform, you can sell and buy bitcoins with western union.


    Swap Bitcoin to Google Pay Cryptocurrency Exchange:

    What is Google Pay:

    Google pay is an e-currency wallet platform and an online payment system developed by Google. Google pay enables users to make purchases with an android phone, mobile watches and tablets etc. You can now buy, sell, and swap bitcoin with Google Pay on the platform of is a platform where you can buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies with more than 300 payment methods.

    How to use to buy the Bitcoin with Google Pay:

    Create an account with and you will get free Bitcoin Wallet. Once you have an account, choose the mode of payment (in our case it is Google Pay) and the amount of bitcoin (that you are willing to purchase from the seller) and location (seller’s location) from the panel which is on the left side.
    After this, click on the “Show Offers” button.
    You will see many offers of the seller on the screen, choose one seller who suits you, and review the seller’s terms and conditions.
    If you are satisfied with the seller conditions then enter the amount of bitcoin you want to sell or buy and start a trade. This will open a live chat between you and seller.
    Then follow the instructions from the seller in order to make the payment and confirm your payment.
    The seller will then send bitcoins into your Paxful wallet.

    How to use to sell the Bitcoin with Google Pay?

    To sell bitcoins with Google Pay, create an account with or log in with your existing account.
    Choose your payment method (in our case it is Google Pay) and the amount of bitcoins you want to sell.
    Now click on the “Show Offers” button after selecting your buyer’s location.
    Then you would see on the screen different offers from buyers.
    Choose one with whom you want to make a trade and then click on the “Sell” button, it will not open a trade yet.
    Now you can read about the terms and conditions set by the buyer.
    If you are satisfied with the buyer's terms and conditions, you can make a trade with him by entering the amount you are willing to give/sell.
    This will open a live chat between you (seller) and buyer and your bitcoins will move to the Paxful secured escrow.
    Now the buyer will complete his end’s process and you will receive payment in your Paxful wallet.
    You can download a receipt after the successful trade.


    Transfer Bitcoin to Apple Pay Wallet - Online Currency Exchange:

    To transfer bitcoins to your Apple Pay Wallet, you have to download an android or iOS App of Bitcoin from website or from Google Play Store or App Store.
    After successfully downloading the App, follow the steps below:

    →Open your Wallet App and click on the send button.
    →Now copy and paste the recipient’s Apple Pay Wallet Address or Scan the QR code with your Wallet App.
    →Choose the wallet from which you want to transfer/send bitcoins. Choose the BTC wallet, if you want to send bitcoins.
    →Enter the amount of bitcoins you want to send.
    →Then click on the “Next” button.
    →Check each and everything again for your satisfaction.
    →Now send your bitcoin funds by sliding the send button.
    →This is the simplest procedure to transfer your bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet to your Apple Pay Wallet.


    Buy and Sell Bitcoin with direct Bank Deposit:

    Here is a proper guide to buy and sell bitcoin with your bank account.
    First, you need to create an e-wallet with Electrum (because with an Electrum platform, you can buy and sell bitcoins with your bank account).
    After done with wallet creation, choose the option of Buy to start your transaction.
    Provide your btc wallet address (in case of buying) to make a payment.
    Receive your bitcoins in your wallet.

    To withdraw bitcoin directly into your bank account, you can use this safe and secure bitcoin exchange platform. You would get your bitcoin directly into your bank account via bank wire payment method. Use our website and choose a payment method of “Bank Wire” in order to get your bitcoin into your bank account.

    cashout bitcoin to bank account or any method of your choice


    Purchase Bitcoin with Bank Account no Verification:

    When buy, sell and exchange with online exchangers, they require a lengthy process of verification (ID verification, address and phone number verification). But in this guide, you would know how you can make a purchase of bitcoin with your bank account without any verification process.
    You can purchase/buy bitcoins with your bank account without verification by using a simple Relai Mobile App.
    Relai App enables the users from Switzerland and the Eurozone to buy/purchase bitcoins using their bank account without providing any verification process or personal information.


    How to use Relai App to purchase Bitcoin without Verification?

    Now you can download the Relai mobile App to purchase bitcoin without any headache of providing your verification.

    Here are the steps:
    Step# 01: Go to your mobile Play Store or App Store and download the Relai App.
    Step# 02: After downloading, open the Relai App and click on the “Buy Bitcoin” button.
    Step# 03: In EUR or in CHF currency, type the amount of bitcoins you want to purchase/buy.
    Step# 04: Now click on the “Next” button to see the payment details.
    Step# 05: Now the final step arrives, in this step you have to put your payment details into your banking app in order to receive bitcoins in your Relai App.
    Step# 06: Please don’t forget to add your transaction reference no.
    After all these simple steps, you will receive your bitcoins in your Relai App, which means you have made a purchase with your bank account without any verification process.


    How to Trade Bitcoin with SWIFT International Wire Transfer:

    SWIFT is a financial industry that helps the community to move funds securely and instantly around the world. SWIFT International Wire Transfer is a secure method to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies everywhere in the world. You can trade bitcoin with SWIFT Transfer from our easy to use platform.
    Just click on the “Exchange Now” button and select the amount of bitcoin, our efficient system will automatically pick your conversion currency from your IP address.
    After this step, you have to select a payment method. In this section, you have to choose “SWIFT Transfer” option from the drop down menu and fill in all the fields which includes Account Holder Name, SWIFT code, Bank Name, IBAN and country.
    Now you have to click on the “Order Now” button to proceed.
    Then system will lead you to the Order_Details page, where you can find your order details and then you can confirm your order.


    Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card no Verification:

    In this post we will let you know about the process of buying bitcoins with a credit card without any verification process. As we all know that to buy bitcoins, you need to go from a frustrating process of verification, but here we have some good methods in which you don't have any need to confirm your verification and still you can buy btc with your credit card without verification. You can get btc with cash and with your credit card as well.
    To do so, you would need a bitcoin wallet with any good exchanger. Your wallet would help you to buy bitcoin at the wallet address. If you don’t have a wallet, you can create one with certified exchanger.

    Let us assume that you have created your bitcoin wallet with any good exchanger, now the question arises: how can you purchase bitcoin in your wallet by using credit card? The answer is you can go to the exchanger platform (either it is a website or android app platform) and you can purchase and also sell bitcoins in your own e-wallet by using the credit card option. After the successful purchase, you will instantly get bitcoins in your wallet.


    Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to MoneyGram USD

    Today, it is easy to transfer funds from one part of the world to the other instantly with a very cheap amount of charges. This is because of technology. Nowadays, many exchangers are providing financial services electronically with their strong automatic systems. Now you can buy, sell and exchange your e-currency, cryptocurrency without any effort in just 2 to 3 simple steps. Exchangers have made transferring of funds easy for us, by using their automatic and ready made exchange systems, we can easily move money from one place to another. Now you can exchange bitcoin (BTC) to MoneyGram USD with the help of an exchanger.
    In this article we will let you know which exchanger is best for you to exchange bitcoin to moneygram.

    To exchange btc to MoneyGram, you can use Bitcoinscashout platform. This platform offers an automatic conversion of btc to moneyGram at the lowest exchange rate. You can check their easy-to-use system (a website), where you can easily exchange your bitcoins to MoneyGram USD within a few minutes.

    With the help of Bitcoinscashout exchange system, you can also convert bitcoin to perfect money instantly.

    The other option for you is, which is a manual system that offers an exchange of btc to moneyGram within a few hours.


    How to Convert Bitcoins To Cash [USD, EURO, INR]?

    To convert bitcoins into cash [USD, EURO, INR], you first need to find out how you want to receive your bitcoins into fiat currency. There are two processes by which you can convert bitcoins into cash.

  • To sell bitcoins in person and get cash.
  • To sell bitcoins with any exchanger to get cash in your bank account.
  • There is one more option that you can also spend your bitcoins in shopping to buy products from Amazon.

    To sell btc in person, there is no need of any exchanger, you can send btc directly to the person’s e-wallet. In order to send btc, you only need a wallet address of that person where he will receive bitcoins. In return, you can get cash by hand or in a bank account or by any other payment method.

    The other option is to sell bitcoins and get cash from an exchanger. An online exchanger (such as or provides a financial service of buying, selling and exchanging digital or cryptocurrency.
    In order to sell bitcoins with an exchanger, you need to find out fiat currency accepting exchangers in your country. Those exchangers would buy btc from you and would send cash into your local fiat currency to your bank account. We will discuss here some fiat currency accepting exchangers for you.

    BitcoinToPerfectMoney (works globally)

    Coinbase (works in USD and EUR cash)

    CEX (works in USD cash only)

    WazirX (works in INR cash only)

    The exchangers above are not providing their services globally except BitcoinToPerfectMoney, so we will discuss some of the exchangers who are providing their services globally and work in cash.

  • LocalBitcoin: LocalBitcoin is a P2P bitcoin exchange platform where you can directly contact with the buyer or seller. It is kind of a platform where you can sell your btc into cash in person but globally. On this platform, you can choose an amount of bitcoins which you want to sell, then you can select the country option and you would see all offers below. You can choose any one offer and you can contact directly with the buyer and you can then receive your cash into your bank account, paypal account, payeer account or in cash.

    How to Exchange Cryptocurrency for Dollars:

    Currently, the cryptocurrency exchangers are the easiest and instant way to convert/exchange your cryptocurrencies for dollars. These exchangers provide you the facility to buy, sell and exchange your online assets anywhere in the world. They offer payment methods like bank account and paypal for easy USD withdrawals. Here we will take an example of an exchanger ( and will show you how to exchange cryptocurrency into USD. is a popular exchange platform because of its services and user-friendly platform. To exchange cryptocurrency for dollars, we need to send cryptocurrency from our cryptocurrency-wallet to coinbase wallet. After receiving your cryptocurrency in your coinbase wallet, you can go to the buy/sell section, where you can sell your crypto for USD.
    Choose an amount of bitcoin you want to sell in exchange for USD and then choose an option of deposit to deposit it in your preferred payment method like bank account or paypal account.

    Our official platform (bitcointoperfectmoney) also offers an automatic exchange of bitcoins (cryptocurrency) to USD. You can instantly exchange btc with our easy to use platform and can get USD into bank account, paypal account, perfect money USD, Western Union, Pyoneer, WebMoney, Skrill, OKPay, Nettler, GoolgePay, ApplePay, MoneyGram etc. Visit our official website’s home page and click on the “Exchange Now” button to exchange btc for USD in more than 50+ payment methods.


    Exchange your Bitcoin to WebMoney with Best Exchanger:

    Now it is very easy to exchange bitcoins to WebMoney with an exchanger. Many online exchangers are offering the service of btc to webMoney exchange with good exchange rate. There are some exchangers who are using an automatic exchange platform while some of them are using manual systems. We would prefer an automatic system because it would complete your transaction within seconds or minutes.
    Now is the time to discuss some reliable and efficient exchangers who are offering btc to WebMoney exchange at a good rate.

    BitcoinToPerfectMoney: This is our official exchange platform where you can exchange your bitcoin to webMoney very easily. We ranked our system at no.1 position because we are not getting any fee on any kind of exchange. There are zero charges on automatic exchanges on our platform. You can exchange btc to WebMoney with zero percent fee.

    Goldux: Goldux is another online exchanger since 2006. With Goldux platform, you can convert bitcoins to Web Money at very affordable exchange rates of only 2.5% + 1.50 Usd.

    CyberBtc: CyberBtc is a best exchanger in terms of providing best exchange rates to its customers. Now you can exchange your bitcoins to WebMoney with CyberBtc web platform at only 3.9% + $6 fees.

    These are certified and trust-worthy platforms, you can use any of the above to exchange your btc to WebMoney at best possible exchange rates.


    Buy & Sell Bitcoin instantly with 40+ Payment Methods

    Our official website is a safe, reliable, and automatic exchange platform where you can get an instant exchange service with more than 40+ payment methods. We offer best exchange services all over the world with the best exchange rates and with a commission of 0% per transaction, which means you can get your exchange without paying us a single penny.

    Complete process & gateway to buy and sell bitcoin instantly & securely with 40+ payment methods:

    With our trusted and automatic platform, you can sell bitcoins instantly and securely with different options of more than 40+ payment methods. On our platform, you can convert bitcoin to pm, bitcoin to Western Union, btc to Skrill, bitcoin to your local bank account, etc. You will get your exchange in less than a few minutes with our automated system. Here we will show you the complete process to buy and sell bitcoins instantly & securely.

    → To sell your bitcoins instantly, you can visit our website’s home page.
    → At the top, you will find “Exchange Now” button, press it.
    → You will see a page, where you will fill out you bitcoins that you want to sell and a payment method in which you want to get those bitcoins.
    → After entering the amount of btc and selecting the payment method, you have to click on the “Order Now” button.
    → Before confirming your order, check all your given information carefully on an automatically generated receipt by our system.

    By following the above steps you can get your bitcoins swap/exchange to digital cash or physical/fiat money instantly with 40+ payment methods including bank wire.
    You can also go for the perfect money certified exchangers to buy and sell bitcoins securely with a lot of payment options.


    Bitcoin Price - Live Chart - Conversion Rates - BTC Price Index

    Live BTC real time price charts are available on trading platforms like tradingview and coinmarketcap etc. You can compare bitcoin with any cryptocurrency or fiat currency seeing the base currency and quote currency charts like BTC/USD. In this case BTC is a base currency and USD is a quote currency. Here, we can compare the price of btc with USD in real time.

    You can also visit currency exchange websites to see the conversion rates of btc into any crypto or fiat currency by using the currency conversion calculator offered by the exchange web platform.


    Convert Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to BTC

    To convert BCH to BTC, you need an online exchange platform that could make this transfer happen for you. You do not have to worry about finding a reliable source that can give you BCH to BTC conversion. We will discuss here some reliable sources, and that are:

    1) Exchanger24

    Exchanger24 is a BCH to BTC converter. This is a reliable and efficient source where you can get BTC in exchange for BCH. You can visit their website and choose the direction of BCH to BTC, fill the form with correct personal and wallet information. After a successful transaction, you would get your BTC at the best exchange rate.

    2) StormGain

    The second reliable source for BCH to BTC converter is stormgain. You can see their BCH to BTC live converter with live bitcoin prices and BCH/BTC live chart. You will also see 0.25 commission charges on transaction.


    How to convert BTC to ETH?

    In my opinion, nowadays it is not a difficult process to convert one crypto or digital currency into another. This is courtesy of digital media because the digital media is growing rapidly and that is the only reason that we humans are rapidly shifting our currencies from a physical form to digital form.

    Let’s get back to the main question that how can we convert BTC to ETH or Bitcoin to Ethereum? The answer is through an online exchanger, we can convert our one digital currency or cryptocurrency into another very easily and efficiently within minutes.

    To convert BTC to ETH, you need to find a trusted online exchanger, if you don’t know any trusted exchanger, then do not worry about it, we have discussed each trusted online exchanger on our website, have a look at them and you can search further about them on google.
    After finding an exchanger that suits you, you can visit their online web platform and you can choose the direction of exchange from their website, you can fill in the correct information about your wallets and can proceed with the transfer of one currency to another.