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What is Perfect Money? Is Perfect Money Legit?

Perfect Money is a leading financial service that allows its users to make payments for goods and services over the internet, instant money transfers between the members securely throughout the internet. What are Perfect Money other uses? With the help of Perfect Money Exchanger, one can buy Gold, USD, EUR, and Bitcoin instantly.

Perfect Money Exchanger also gives the facility to trade with more than 100+ PM certified exchange partners. These exchange partners of perfect money give the facilities in which PM is lacking. For Example, with these exchange partners, you can buy, sell, and transfer any kind of crypto and e-currency from one account to other with a very minimal service fee and best exchange rates.

Perfect Money is an offshore financial company that is registered in Panama. Perfect Money is 100% legal and registered financial service provider and it offers a secure and safe payment platform that is working since 2007.


Perfect Money Account Login and Registration Process

Perfect Money account login and registration is a simple process. Perfect Money uses two domains, one is and the other is perfect domain is used for the general information about PM, and is the official domain, that also used for the account registration and perfect money login process.

You can not access the official domain without registering a Perfect Money account by Signing Up from

Process of creating Perfect Money account includes the first step of visiting website, then you need to go to the Signup button, then fill the registration form, upon completion of registration form, Perfect Money will send you an email with your Perfect Money “Memeber ID”, use this Member ID and your Password to login into your offical account.


Exchange Perfect Money to USD & PayPal Account

You can exchange perfect money to paypal account with the help of an exchanger. We will discuss some exchangers who are offering perfect money usd to paypal account transferring services. Yes, there are number of website that helps you to exchange bitcoin to PayPal instnatly with in few seconds. You can search see number of options online.
See below to know about some online e-currency exchangers.

exchange bitcoin to perfect money btc to pm usd


They are offering the best conversion rates of perfect money to PayPal. With exchangeinstant system, you can convert/exchange your perfect money USD to PayPal usd with only 1.01$ fee on all transactions. They provide secure and instant e-currency conversion services at an affordable fee.

→ Hi.Exchange is an internet-based platform which deals in exchange of digital and crypto currencies. They are offering few crypto and digital currencies exchange services that are not manual. While doing transactions with them, keep it in mind their Gateway fee, which is an extra fee for every transaction.


Baksman is an e-currency exchange portal that can carry out an exchange process between two digital currencies or cryptocurrencies and between crypto and digital currency. Their conversion rate or exchange rate of PM to Paypal is a little bit high ( usually 1 paypal USD = 1.1765 USD ).


How to withdraw money from Perfect Money to Bank Account?

To withdraw money from the Perfect Money system to your Bank Account through Bank wire is very simple.
For your convenience, below are some simple steps which you can follow in order to withdraw via bank wire.

  • Visit Perfect Money's official website.
  • If you haven’t done with the Sign Up process, do sign up.
  • Then log in with your Member ID and Password.
  • To withdraw via Bank account, go to the “Withdrawal” section.
  • Select the “Withdrawal through Bank Wire” option and fill in all the required fields.
  • After filling the form fields, click on the “preview” button to check if all the information is correct or not.
  • You should check your entries one more time before clicking on the “Confirm Withdrawal” button. A certified exchange partner, you have chosen before will process your application within the next 24 hours.

    Make sure that you are a verified user of Perfect Money because this withdrawal option is available only for verified users and not for all users of perfect money.


    How to Transfer Money from Perfect Money to Indian Bank Account?

    You can transfer money from Perfect Money to Bank wire from any country in the world except Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Nigeria. The transfers usually take up to 2 to 3 working days.

    The money transfer from Perfect Money to Bank Account in India is very simple. Just visit the website and go to the “Withdrawal” section.
    In the withdrawal section, select the option of “Withdrawal through bank wire”.
    Then fill out all the required fields of the form. Perfect money system will obtain your bank details from the bank.
    Then use the preview button to check out if all your given information is correct or not.
    Now click on the “Confirm Withdrawal” option.
    After this whole process, a certified exchange service partner will process your withdrawal application within the next 24 hours.


    Perfect Money unverified Account Limits

    There is no limit for Perfect Money unverified accounts. You can do as many transactions as you want. The differences you will face between verified and unverified accounts are:

  • Withdrawal to your Bank Account You can only withdraw directly to your bank account if you are a verified user of Perfect Money. This option is only available to verified users of PM.

  • Service Fee: The other difference you will see between verified and unverified accounts is the service fee rates. The service fee for verified and premium accounts is 0.5% of the transfer amount but it is 1.99% of the transfer amount for unverified accounts.

    Perfect Money Account Temporarily Blocked

    The perfect money system would automatically block your account after a certain number of failed Perfect Money login attempts. After a few hours, your account will be unblocked automatically.
    Perfect Money is a system that is more concerned about your account security, every time when a user tries to access the perfect money account from a different IP address or from a different browser, the system blocks the access and sends out an email with a PIN code to the user’s email. After verifying the PIN Code, the user can then access his account.
    You can create multiple accounts on the same IP Address, but all of your accounts should have the same personal data. The perfect money automatic system also uses the SMS Login service. Every time when the user tries to access the account, the Perfect Money system sends an SMS with a PIN Code, upon verifying that PIN code, you can get your account access. This service of the PM is not free, it will charge you 10 cents for each message.


    e voucher buy perfect money account login support


    Perfect Money Prepaid Card / E-Voucher

    An e-Voucher is a special type of code that can be used to make deposits to your perfect money account. You can sell this e-Voucher to other PM users who can activate it at their Perfect Money accounts.

    How to create an e-Voucher?

    You can easily create an e-Voucher from the “Statement” section or “Withdrawal” section.

    Deposit to your Account using e-Voucher

    You can make a deposit to your account using an e-Voucher, to do so you need to enter its number and activation code in appropriate fields at the deposit section. An E-voucher deposit is an instant type of deposit.

    Using e-Voucher to send money to mobile phone:

    You can send money to the receiver's mobile phone number by sending an e-Voucher code to his/her mobile phone number. Then the receiver has to activate this code in order to show up the money in his/her account.


    What is Perfect Money Atm Card, How to get it?

    Perfect money ATM card is connected with your Perfect Money account. The account number is printed on the back of the card. With this ATM card, you can send your perfect money dollars to any other account. The Perfect Money ATM card balance will appear as your account balance. You can spend these funds like a normal credit card. With the card, you can do online shopping and you can activate banking systems.
    You can also withdraw your cash from any ATM by using this PM credit or ATM card.

    You can reload your Perfect Money card from the following methods:

  • From any PM account
  • Credit/Debit visa card and Mastercard
  • From Bank wire
  • Via rexcard Company
  • How to get a Perfect Money ATM Card?

    In order to get your perfect money atm/credit card, you need to visit Rexcard company is a company that offers you Perfect Money ATM Master Credit Card, ATM debit Card, and Prepaid Card. To get this card through Rexcard company, visit their official website, a link is mentioned above, and then click on the “Order Now” button. To order your ATM card, you need to fill the form with the correct information. They charge only 50$ for a card. They offer free express shipment worldwide through DHL and FedEx. You can receive your ATM card within 3 to 4 working days with Rexcard. There is no identification required to purchase this Perfect Money ATM card with Rexcard Co. This is a secure platform where you would get 100% security of your sensitive data.


    Buy Perfect Money With Credit Card

    Instantly buy perfect money with credit card by the help of trusted exchangers automated systems.

    Load your perfect money account by credit card facility. Some exchange service partner companies among the perfect money certified partners list who provide a wide range of options to buy perfect money. For Example, some online exchangers offer to buy perfect money with cash, credit card, international money transfer, and western union, etc.

    We have done our research about each and every perfect money exchanger who are providing the facility of credit card for the buying of perfect money till now.

    The list of those exchangers include,,, and You can use the services of these exchanger if they are facilitating the customers from your country.


    How to Buy Perfect Money Prepaid Card from Raxcard?

    You can buy your Perfect Money Prepaid Card by just following the simple steps which we have mentioned below:

    Step 01: Go to your browser (chrome or firefox) and enter the URL in the search bar.

    Step 02: Click on the Perfect Money Card tab.

    Step 03: To know more about PM Prepaid Card advantages, read about Perfect Money Prepaid Card from this page.

    Step 04: On this page, you will find an “Order Now” button, click on it.

    Step 05: You will see an Order Form on your screen. Fill this form with accurate information.

    Step 06: Select your payment method, because Raxcard will charge you only 50$ for this card but their shipment all over the world is free.

    Step 07: After filling the form, click on the “Send Order” button to confirm your order.

    After this process of ordering your Perfect Money Prepaid Card. You will get your card within 3 to 4 working days from Raxcard Company.


    Perfect Money dealers in Nigeria and Ghana:

    Here we will discuss only certified partners/dealers of Perfect Money in Nigeria and Ghana.

  • is a certified exchanger in Africa with branches in Nigeria and Ghana. They offer to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies at good rates. There is no hidden fee for Stropay. Their platform is secure and fast. They offer live chat support.

  • This is a certified partner of PM. Their platform is secure and there is no need to create an account with You can sell and buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum etc with bitpaygh platform at affordable rates.

  • 365exchanger is a trusted and certified platform where you can exchange cryptocurrencies very conveniently. They offer their services to both Nigerian and international customers. Their exchange rates are good enough.

  • is a certified and fast e-currency exchange company in Nigeria. Sagacash platform provides you the facility to buy and sell e-currency and Perfect money at perfect rates.

  • is a leading e-currency exchange provider in Nigeria. Their platform is automated which works very efficiently and instantly.

  • This is a Nigerian e-currency exchange company that provides good quality service. This platform allows you electronic payment services for goods and services via e-currency.

  • is a reliable platform that offers to buy and selling of cryptocurrencies, perfect money, paypal and payeer at the lowest rates of only 1%.


    Perfect Money in Pakistan

    Perfect Money does not offer its services directly in Pakistan, but in order to increase its services worldwide, PM has established its business with the partners around the world, from almost every country. These partners are known as currency exchangers. Perfect Money has given a detailed list of all its partners on its website. You can visit Perfect Money’s official website and can find an exchanger of PM from Pakistan and then you can buy, sell, and transfer perfect money in Pakistan.


    List of Perfect Money Agents and Certified Partners Worldwide:

    Perfect Money works on partnership with certified partners and agents worldwide. Perfect Money has many partners all around the world who have proved during the partnership time with PM that they are honest and reliable partners.

    Below is the list of all exchange partners which Perfect Money has mentioned on its official website.

    XML Gold
    Ayael Enterprise

    To see the updated list of new partners of Perfect Money, you can visit (perfect money’s official website).


    Sell & Buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency with Perfect Money Instant:

    With the certified partners of Perfect Money, you can sell, buy and exchange cryptocurrency with perfect money instantly. You can also convert bitcoin to perfect money by using the certified perfect money exchangers' services.
    In this section below, we will discuss some exchangers who have the highest Perfect Money Trust Score.

    1. is an automatic online exchange provider with which you can sell, buy and exchange e-currency and cryptocurrencies. Xml gold has got the highest trust score of 12853 from Perfect Money.


    Ebuygold is an e-currency online exchange solution that has served millions of clients over 10 years. You can buy, sell and exchange bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with perfect money and vice versa at very affordable rates. They got a trust score of 6514 as a trusted partner of Perfect Money.

    3. is an e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange system. With e-obmen, you can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency with perfect money instantly at the best affordable exchange rates. E-Obmen has got very high a trust score of 5963 from PM.


    MagneticExchange platform provides instant conversion of Perfect money to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies to perfect money on a 24/7 basis. They have got a trust score of 3805 from Perfect Money.


    Xchange is a fast internet exchanger service that provides buying, selling, and exchange of perfect money to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrencies to perfect money and e-currencies. They have got a good trust score of 3272 from perfect Money.


    Converting Perfect Money into other Digital Currency

    You can convert/exchange Perfect Money into other Digital/electronic currency and also you can convert bitcoin to pm by using the platforms of Perfect Money certified partners. You can check all of them from the Perfect Money official website, you can also check their trust score with perfect money and their exchange/conversion rates.

    A Few of them with the best exchange rates are:

  • 365Cash is a trusted partner of Perfect Money. They provide the service of exchanging perfect money to any digital currency and perfect money to cryptocurrency. They only charge 1.02% commission fee on each transaction.

  • P2PChange is another trusted partner of Perfect Money which provides the facility to convert perfect money to digital currency and cryptocurrency. Like, they also charge only 1.02% commission on each transaction.

  • Changer4u is an electronic money transfer and exchange system. Unlike other exchange platforms, changer4u offers a wider range of services in buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, Web money, Perfect Money USD, Perfect Money Eur, etc. You can convert your perfect money to digital currencies at only 1.04% commission rate with Changer4u platform.

  • is an e-currency exchanger operating since 2006. Goldux is a trusted partner of Perfect Money having a good trust score. They deal in e-currency and different cryptocurrency exchanges. With them, you can convert your perfect money USD or EUR to digital currency and cryptocurrency. They charge a fee of 2.5% + 1.50 USD.

  • is a digital and cryptocurrency exchange provider. With Asia Exchanger, you can sell, buy and exchange your perfect money with digital currency and cryptocurrency at a very low fee rate of 1.02%. They are trusted and certified partners of Perfect Money.


    What is perfect money all about?

    Perfect Money is a leading financial service that is providing the facility of instant payments and money transfers over the internet with a very secure system. With Perfect Money system you can:

    1) make online payments for goods and services.

    2) buy Bitcoin, Gold, EUR, and USD.

    3) transfer payments.

    4) deposit through various payment methods including bank wire.

    5) deposit and withdraw through certified exchange services.


    BTC TO PM USD Exchange | Perfect Money Certified Partner

    Perfect money is a leading financial service provider that provides the services for online payments, money transfers, payments for goods and services, receiving of payments, and buying of bitcoin, gold, EUR, and USD.

    BTC TO PM USD Exchange:

    Perfect Money allows its users to make btc to pm USD exchange with authorized and officially approved perfect money certified partners. You can exchange, buy and sell digital dollars with perfect money certified partners and trusted currency converter dealers.

    Perfect Money Certified Partners:

    Perfect Money builds its business on partnership. Perfect money doesn’t provide the services of exchange and selling bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, So in order to fulfill this need of customers, perfect money has built a business relationship with its certified and trusted partners. The list of certified partners is too long, although perfect money has categorized them by giving them a trust score, which means the higher the trust score, the best is that partner in terms of its services and reliability. You can visit our website or perfect money official website to see the list of its certified and official partners. These partners are providing almost all the online payment services worldwide.
    You can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies and e-currencies by using the services of these exchangers. You can choose any certified exchanger who is offering best exchange rates with minimum fees. You can get BTC to PM USD exchange with perfect money certified partners. Even you can get any exchange in any kind of e-wallet with them.


    Perfect Money to Coinbase

    The Perfect Money web system gives the withdraw option from Bitcoin wallet. This option is available only for B account users of pm. To send money from perfect money to coinbase wallet, you first need to withdraw perfect money to your bitcoin wallet. After receiving funds in your bitcoin wallet, you can then send bitcoin to your coinbase wallet. To receive bitcoin into your coinbase wallet, you need to click on the receive button at the top right side of your coinbase account, then you have to scan QR code with your crypto or bitcoin wallet. Or you can copy and paste the address of your coinbase wallet into your bitcoin wallet to send money from your crypto wallet to coinbase.


    Perfect Money Account Number Example

    To find out your Perfect Money account number first, you need to login into your perfect money account, then you can click on the “My Account” tab to see your account numbers within your perfect money account. Perfect Money offers different account types based on different currencies within your existing same account. You can choose any of the appropriate account based on the currency used. Initially, you have options of Troy.oz, EUR, and USD account with an account number for each account. Perfect money account number examples are G12345678, U12345678, E12345678. “G” for Gold, “U” for USD, and “E” for Euros.


    Perfect Money Withdrawal Fee

    The perfect money system charges 0.5% of the amount transferred. However, if you would use services of certified partners, they have their own fee criteria for withdrawals and deposits. You can check each of their websites to know about their fee structure for withdrawals and deposits of perfect money. Moreover, there is no fee for deposits via bitcoin. There is also a fee difference between perfect money verified and unverified accounts. For unverified accounts, there is 1.99% fee of the transfer amount.


    Buy BTC with Perfect Money

    You can instantly buy btc and fund your perfect money B account with Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Perfect Money B stands for Bitcoin and is specially designed for transactions using bitcoin cryptocurrency. If you do not have perfect money B account yet, you can create one before making any transactions in bitcoin. After creating B account with Perfect Money, you can instantly deposit bitcoin funds into your pm B account. Perfect money charges no fee on bitcoin deposits. Perfect money system would process deposit into your account once they receive bitcoin amount and the transaction has at least 3 total confirmations.