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Bitcoin Address Generator is super best bitcoin address generator for your own private key, It provides very simple process to create random secure wallet keys (public & private). Make paper wallet to store bitcoin offline with QR codes. A paper wallet is a secure and cheap method to store bitcoin savings. A paper wallet is a printed piece of paper which contains the information of your bitcoin wallet in the form of Keys and QR codes.


Bitcoin Paper Wallet

A Bitcoin Paper Wallet refers to a printed piece of paper that contains the user’s wallet information using two QR codes with keys:
Public Key (shareable key format, no need to keep it secret) Private Key (private and secure key format, known only to the person who generated it)

These 2 keys with barcodes are usually generated by the Paper Wallet: Bitcoin Official Wallet | Offline Cold Storage. This is the best and safe way to store bitcoins.

Our official website allows you to generate your favorite keys and QR codes combination as is an open-source web platform that is available for generating paper wallets and you can print and save yours to process your future transactions. Once you print and save your keys and codes, our system will assign those to your wallet, then you will be able to get access to your wallet. You can scan your printable codes at any time to gain or retrieve additional information about your bitcoin wallet.

Many folks believe that this paper wallet (cold storage or offline wallet) is a cheaper and more secure method because it keeps your private key cold or offline, so hackers can stay away to access your private data. As long as this printed paper that is containing your wallet information is physically (do not let it be torn or lost) well protected with you, there is no need to worry about hackers gaining access to your digital wallet because your wallet itself is not online (it’s offline).

bitcoin address generator for secure wallet keys


Bitcoin Paper Wallet Gift Designs

The wallet can continue to be funded with more bitcoins if you share your (public key address) with anyone. Bitcoin Paper Wallet is the easiest and cheap cost way to send gifts to whom you want to send in the form of bitcoin. The paper wallet is in the shape of printed paper and it contains all the information needed for sending the coins. In this case, you only need a printed paper that contains public and private keys. By using those keys along with barcodes, you can make transactions around the globe.


Best Websites for Bitcoin Paper Wallet

For the purpose of storing bitcoins long-term, it is not safe to store them in an online wallet. Even on your personal computer or smartphone, it is not safe, there is always a chance of hacking. So how can you store your bitcoins? The answer is Bitcoin Paper Wallet.
By printing your own favorite QR codes and public, private keys on the paper from a secure and reliable website like btcofficialwalletorg, you can secure your bitcoins wallet information from hackers. The only security you need is paper’s physical security. Following are the websites which are offering Bitcoin Paper wallet generator options:

  • Bitcoinpaperwallet
  • Btcofficialwallet
  • Walletgenerator

  • These are official and trusted websites, you can use any of these websites to create your bitcoin paper wallet.


    Import Bitcoin Paper Wallet to Coinbase

    How to send/transfer bitcoin paper wallet to coinbase?

    By reading this article you would know how to transfer your bitcoins from a bitcoin paper wallet to your coinbase wallet. The first step you need is to have your Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet (, Airbitz, or Breadwallet. The steps for transferring your bitcoins from a bitcoin wallet paper to any of these platforms are the same. After receiving the bitcoins, we will send them to the coinbase wallet from Mycelium wallet.
    We will use the Mycelium Bitcoin Platform because it is recommended on

    Following are the steps for transferring bitcoins from a paper wallet to your Mycelium Bitcoin wallet:

    STEP 01: Download the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet from their web app.

    STEP 02: Press the cold storage option (offline wallet) from the home page of the web app.

    STEP 03: Now you have to scan your QR code with the help of your phone camera from your printed paper wallet.

    STEP 04: Enter your private key of a paper wallet to spend funds from it. Keep it hidden while typing.

    STEP 05: Now you have to scan your Private Key on the paper wallet with a mobile camera.

    STEP 06: Press the ‘use all funds’ option and then send it by pressing the ‘send button.

    The last step is necessary because it will send all your paper wallet bitcoins to your mycelium app wallet. After receiving the funds in the form of cryptocurrency, you can transfer them to your coinbase wallet.


    Download Bitcoin Paper Wallet From Github is a javascript client-side wallet generator (bitcoin wallet generator). This project of bit address on GitHub provides the Html documentation along with embedded JS and CSS files.

    Copyrights and Licenses: This project is copyrighted to Its name and logo are not part of the open-source license. Portions of this project’s coding files are also copyrighted.

    This software is available under the MIT License Copyright © Source files are given as is on Github. You can visit a GitHub link for bit address source files at


    Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator app on Github

    Many famous paper wallet generators that are running over the internet these days are available as open-source and in copyright form, but you can use the source files and can modify them according to your purpose.

    Some well-known paper wallet generators on Github are:

  • These projects are on Github including their documentation of copyright and all source files.


    Bitcoin Paper Wallet Templates & designs

    The most common and available template of the paper wallet consists of a public key, a private key, and two QR codes associated with a private and a public key.

    Public Key and its purpose: A public key generated automatically by the btc official wallet. It is not a private key, you can share it with anyone to receive and send your bitcoins. Your public key contains the information about your wallet, it is kind of an address to your wallet.

    Private Key and its purpose: A private key or secret key is a piece of sensitive information that should not be disclosed to anyone at any cost. The purpose of a secret key is to maintain the security of your wallet.

    QR Code: QR Code is a machine-readable label that contains information about your wallet.

    Bitcoin paper wallet template is very eye-catchy and it’s very easy to handle because it is just a printed piece of paper that contains very important information about your paper wallet (it is called offline cold storage).


    Bitcoin Paper Wallet Balance Check

    How to check your bitcoin paper wallet balance?

    It is obvious that your paper wallet will not show you your balance or asset. For checking your current balance, you would need a free blockchain explorer (blockchain explorer is a blockchain search engine that will allow you to search for a specific piece of information that is present on the blockchain) service. This activity which would carry out on crypto blockchains is known as a transaction. Most blockchain search engines or explorers are particularized in one cryptocurrency. Some of them can work with the most famous crypto but no one is offering all the famous ones. Here we will only discuss the blockchain explorers that are specialized in bitcoin because our paper wallet crypto in this case is bitcoin.

    STEP 01: Select your Blockchain Explorer Service

    For BTC (Bitcoin): You can use one of the following:


  • For BTC Cash (BCH): You can use one of the following:

  • STEP 02: Enter your Public Key

    Once you are done with one of your desired blockchain explorers, then you need to write your public key into it. Those tools above will take your public key to retrieve or fetch your transaction history and balance.

    Using Public Key is safe?
    Yes, it is completely safe to use your public key anywhere, because the purpose of a public key is to show your account address only. On the other hand, you just need to keep hiding your Private Key. The private key should only be used when you agree to transfer your funds to any wallet.

    STEP 03: Copy your public key into the explorer.

    STEP 04: Scan your QR or any other wallet will generate your QR code, which is the representation of your public address, So you can also scan your QR code instead of copying your public key value.


    Reviews about Bitcoin Paper Wallet websites

    Bitcoin Paper wallet is like your bank account, the difference is it would store your bitcoin holdings safely on a piece of paper. How does it work? Your bitcoin generator (which can be any trusted android app or website) will create your bitcoin paper wallet by generating keys along with secret codes. Keys will consist of public and private keys. The public key is your wallet address and a private key is like a password to your account (you have to keep it secret).

    Best btc Paper Wallets address generators of 2021

    There are a lot of companies that are offering paper wallets on devices like Android and web apps. But we will discuss here some of the best.

  • ( for mobile users ).
  • Exodus
  • ( is best for large no of cryptocurrencies ).
  • Now we will discuss each of the above wallets one by one:

    1) Wallet Generator

    Wallet generator is an open-source client-side wallet generator, it is a very easy-to-use web application. Following are the steps to use it and create your own paper wallet:

    Choose your desired currency and click on the generate new address button.

    Then click on the paper wallet button and print your page on the high-quality settings.

    Never save the page as your pdf file because it will increase the chances of hacking.

    Only print your paper and fold it in a way to keep safe your keys and codes from being torn and erased.

    Now you have done with your paper wallet creation. You can share your public key to receive payments from different cryptocurrencies. You can share your public key with anyone at any time, there is no harm in it.

    Keep your private key hidden and safe, because it is kind of a password to your paper wallet account. So make sure to not share it with anyone.

    2) BTC Official Wallet is a web app and this is an open-source platform where you can store your bitcoins offline by getting your cold storage keys and codes. This is a very convenient and easy-to-use website. Steps include to generate your paper wallet account are:

    Visit our official website and go to the “Get Bitcoin Cold Storage” tab.

    The website will automatically generate your wallet keys and secret codes.

    Click on the “Print & Save” button and take a print of your paper wallet.

    3) Mycelium

    Mycelium is the best option for mobile users. As it is one of the best cryptocurrency mobile apps which is serving millions of its users.

    Mycelium Transaction Management:
    They are providing single address saving accounts.
    You can export your transaction history to a .csv file with the mycelium app.
    They are providing several blockchain explorers options, which is the very best thing in order to send and receive cryptocurrency.
    Their child pays for parents algorithm is very helpful for many users.

    4) Bitcoin Paper Wallet

    This is the best established and trustful open-source engine to generate your bitcoin address specially for offline use. This engine is based on random key generation, you can generate your own private bitcoin wallet address in your own web browser with just a few simple steps. They are providing you the best security services. To be more secure you have to download this wallet generator from Github and run it offline on your pc.

    5) Exodus (Desktop, Mobile, and Hardware Wallet)

    Exodus is offering desktop, mobile and hardware platforms (crypto wallets) to send, receive and exchange your cryptocurrencies. They offer a professional level of control to manage your cryptocurrencies in one beautiful interface. They offer a large number of cryptocurrencies. You can use their android and ios operating systems to manage your digital assets (cryptocurrencies).


    Trezor is for your digital freedom. You can secure your digital assets with They are offering:

    • Transparent Security Services.
    • User-friendly interface (designed for customer’s convenience).
    • 5-star customer support 24/7.


    What is Ethereum Paper Wallet?

    As we all know Ethereum (also known as Ether) is the most famous cryptocurrency after bitcoin. An Ethereum paper wallet is like a bitcoin paper wallet which is a printed paper and it holds your account information in public and private keys and two secret codes (QR codes). You can generate your own ethereum wallet by getting your keys and secret QRs.
    Is it safe to get your wallet in the form of printed paper?
    Yes, it is completely safe because the paper wallet removes the threat of hacking and it makes your digital assets more secure.

    Can I share my Public Key?

    Yes, you can share your ethereum paper wallet public key with anyone for spending ethereum.

    Should I keep my Private Key hidden?

    Yes, you should keep your private key hidden because anyone can access your assets and steal them if they have your private key.


    Ethereum Paper Wallet Generator:

    An ethereum paper wallet generator is used to generate your ethereum paper wallet. It generates your wallet on a piece of paper which includes your wallet information in the form of key codes and QR secret codes.

    Popular ETC Paper Wallet Generators:

    MEW (

    My Ether Wallet is an open-source platform that provides you the best facility to interact with the ethereum blockchain. MEW’s platform allows you to generate your paper wallets and access them with ease.

    Ethereum (

    Your ethereum wallet is an application to manage your ethereum funds.
    You need a wallet like to send, receive and spend your ethereum ETH.

    Wallet generator ( is known as a universal client-side wallet generator. It allows you to generate your paper wallet for most of the famous cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum etc.


    Fake Bitcoin Wallet with Balance

    It is the process of collecting fake bitcoin in your bitcoin wallet through any software which is running nowadays in the market. Here we will discuss the Bitgen-Fake-BTC-Transaction-Generator. How does it work? It can send fake bitcoin transactions (up to 100btc daily) into your bitcoin wallet and you can also send those fake bitcoins to anyone within the time period of a maximum of 2 weeks. After two weeks those fake bitcoins will disappear from your wallet or from the person’s wallet to which you send them.

    Another fake bitcoin generator tool is (, this tool can generate 1 to 150 fake bitcoins to your wallet and will disappear after 72 hours of time.


    Bitcoin address generator with balance

    Now bitcoin address and their corresponding private key with bar codes can be generated in your web browser. Many bitcoin generators allow you to generate your favorite bitcoin address along with the private key as your password. After generating your bitcoin wallet with an address, you can send and receive the balance in your wallet by sharing your btc address with your friends. It is the most secure way to send and receive your digital assets because all your information is stored offline on a piece of paper.

    Famous Bitcoin Address Generators:


    How to use Bitcoin Paper Wallet?

    To use a bitcoin paper wallet, you just need to follow the following few easy steps:

    STEP 01: Just visit any trusted “Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator” website.

    STEP 02: Locate the “Generate”, “Bitcoin Cold Storage” or “Get Bitcoin Cold Storage” option. In the case of, it’s the “Get Bitcoin Cold Storage'' tab. By clicking on this tab, the website will take you to the paper wallet generator page.

    STEP 03: The website will automatically generate your bitcoin paper wallet with your wallet’s information (includes key codes and secret codes).

    STEP 04: You can print and save your paper wallet and keep it safe with you.

    STEP 05: Now you can share your wallet’s public key address to receive and send btc, but you have to keep your private key secret.


    How to transfer bitcoin from paper wallet to blockchain:

    To transfer bitcoins from your paper wallet to a blockchain wallet, first, you need to send your bitcoins off the paper wallet to a mobile application (because it is more convenient than web apps).
    Here we will take the example of “Blockchain App” and we will discuss it in steps.

    STEP 01: You can download and install this app both from “Apple Store” and “Play Store”.

    STEP 02: Open this blockchain app on your smartphone and click on the “Menu” button at the top left corner.

    STEP 03: The menu will appear, you have to choose the first option which is “addresses”.

    STEP 04: Now click on the add “ + ” button which is in front of “imported addresses ”.

    STEP 05: Scan the private key of your paper wallet with your phone camera to import your bitcoin paper wallet.

    STEP 06: After scanning your private QR code, a “success” message will prompt on the screen.

    STEP 07: Now you can transfer/send your bitcoins to the blockchain wallet.

    STEP 08: Confirm the details by clicking on the “send” button at the bottom. This step will finalize your transfer of bitcoins from the imported paper wallet to the blockchain wallet.

    STEP 09: You will prompt with a message that your transaction has been done.

    This is the process of sending/transferring bitcoins from your bitcoin paper wallet to a blockchain wallet.


    How to transfer bitcoin from paper wallet to coinbase?

    Let's suppose that you have some bitcoins in any of your bitcoin paper wallets and you want to send those bitcoins to your coinbase wallet. How would you do it? Let us explain this in few easy steps below:

    First, you need to install a reliable BTC wallet like Mycelium (for android users) and Bread Wallet (for ios users) on your mobile device.

    Now by using any other device, you need to sign up with coinbase (

    The next step is to go to the crypto address and select create a new address for your coinbase.

    Now login to your coinbase account, go to “Accounts” and click on the “Receive” button for your account (btc account).

    This will display a QR code.

    Now you have to open your bitcoin paper wallet to scan the QR code and private key.

    Now scan this private QR code with the wallet software you are using on your mobile (Mycelium or Bread we discussed above).

    In the case of Mycelium → Select the “cold storage” option, then you can send your bitcoins directly to your coinbase address (receiving address) in a single transaction.

    In the case of Bread → Go to settings → then select the “import wallet” option, after importing you will be able to import funds into your bread wallet, then you can send those funds to your coinbase receiving address.


    Best Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator:

    Bitcoin paper wallet is an offline wallet that works as a cold storage wallet. So far this is the best method to store/keep your bitcoins for a long period of time. This is best because of its security purposes. It keeps the hackers away because this wallet is printed on a single piece of paper. On the internet, hundreds of paper wallet generators are available these days but every generator performs its tasks differently, some are very easy to use but some are not user-friendly.
    Here we will discuss some best bitcoin paper wallet generators which you should use in 2021.

    1) BTC Paper Wallet: Bitcoin paper wallet is an easy-to-use web application, by using this website you can generate your paper wallet with a single click on the button “Create Wallet Now”. It will generate your public and private keys to secure your wallet.

    2) Wallet This generator is another kind of paper wallet generator with a different interface. This generator is giving us such a nice and user-friendly interface to interact with. You can use their web link above to generator your secure wallet with public and private keys.

    3) Bitcoin Official Wallet: We are using a secure and easy-to-use web platform for our customers to generate their paper wallet with a single click on “Get bitcoin cold storage” button. Our website will automatically generate your wallet with secret keys and codes.


    Bitcoin “Private Key” Generator

    In the world of cryptocurrency (in our case its bitcoin) a private key is used to access the user’s wallet. Every person assigns a different “private key” at the time of generating a paper wallet. The person who has the private key of a wallet has full access to the coins in that wallet.

    Do I need to generate a private key for my wallet?

    The answer is no, you don’t need to generate a private key by yourself, most generators present on the web will do it for you. You just need to generate your wallet with one of them and they will assign you your wallet’s credentials in the form of private and public keys.


    How to make Bitcoin Paper Wallet with

    Btc Official Wallet is an open-source and secure web platform where you can make your bitcoin paper wallet or cold storage wallet and can keep your bitcoins offline.
    Below are just 3 steps by which you can generate your bitcoin paper wallet with

    Visit our official website.

    Find the ‘Get Bitcoin Cold Storage’ option and click on it. Our website will automatically generate your wallet and will show you your key codes and QR codes.

    The final step is to print your printed paper and keep safe with you.


    Are Bitcoin Paper Wallets safe?

    The answer to this simple question is yes because this method pulls bitcoin out of the internet and that decreases the cyberattacks and malware attacks because no hacker can hack your data which is offline on a single piece of paper and it is safe with you. The paper wallet uses the printed piece of paper to store its credentials. It holds your wallet’s private and public key with confidential codes. This method of bitcoin cold storage or bitcoin paper wallet is safe as long as your printed paper is safe.


    How do I cash out Bitcoin from a paper wallet? What is btc paper wallet and how does it work?

    Bitcoin Paper Wallet: Btc paper wallet is a kind of offline wallet that stores your bitcoins information on a single piece of paper. It is the most secure method of storing bitcoins till now that it reduces the risk of hacking your account information because this technique pulls out your bitcoins from the internet.

    How does it work?

    It works by generating your paper wallet with a private secret key and public address. In order to generate your paper wallet, you can use any good generator on the internet. The “printed paper” represents the method of access to your bitcoins in the form of QR codes and two keys (public and private).

    How do I cash out Bitcoin from a paper wallet?

    You can access your bitcoin funds by importing/sweeping your paper wallet to an online/live wallet like Mycelium or to an exchange service like coinbase. While transferring your funds, keep in mind that you have to transfer all of your funds to the live wallet or exchange service because it is not safe to transfer just a portion.

    bitcoin address generator for secure wallet keys


    Bitcoin Address Generator From Private Key - Secure Wallet Keys

    Bitcoin paper wallet is a printed piece of paper and it contains your wallet information in the form of a public key, a private key along with two QR codes.

    Private Key:

    A Private key is a 32-byte random number consists of integers and characters and that is generated at the time of the creation of a bitcoin paper wallet. With some bitcoin paper wallet makers, you can also make a bitcoin address generator from private key.

    We will discuss here a process to create random secure wallet keys, make a paper wallet to store bitcoin offline with QR codes.
    Our web platform allows you to make your own bitcoin paper wallet and it generates your paper wallet in the form of a public key, private key, and QR codes. A paper wallet is a safe and secure method of storing your bitcoins offline. It reduces the chances of hacking because it is an offline cold storage system for storing bitcoins. Your paper wallet private key is like a password to your wallet, which you can’t share with anyone. On the other hand, your paper wallet public key is the address of your wallet, you can share it with anyone to send and receive bitcoins.
    If you want your bitcoin paper wallet today, then click on the button “Generate Wallet Address”. Our automatic system will randomly generate your public key and private key for your wallet, which you can print on a piece of paper that you can secure easily.